Secure Data Destruction

eGreen IT Solutions, LLC recognizes that secure data destruction and e-waste recycling are essential considerations for both businesses and individuals today. The world of information technology is progressing at a rapid pace, resulting in growing amounts of data and the need for more advanced equipment. Along with these developments come decisions about how to responsibly dispose of outdated computers and electronics and ensure that data is destroyed for your protection.

Secure data destruction is a primary focus for eGreen IT Solutions. We have carefully developed procedures to ensure that our methodology is compliant with all legal and environmental policies and is performed consistently every time. eGreen IT Solutions is dedicated to continual improvement and providing education to our clients with regard to data security and privacy requirements.

ISO 14001 Certification

eGreen IT Solutions is in the process of auditing to ISO 14001, ensuring that clients receive the globally implemented standards of quality management in secure data destruction and electronics recycling. We are in the process of rectifying to the e-Stewards certification, the highest level designation in the industry. For secure data destruction, eGreen IT Solutions® utilizes Department of Defense licensed software to remove data from hard drives. We are completely accountable for hazardous e-waste throughout the recycling process to final disposition.

eGreen IT Solutions stands firmly behind our environmental policy, which focuses on environmental, health and safety objectives. Regular monitoring of our processes and reviews of our policy ensure that we always provide the most effective services for our clients.