Residential IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

eGreen-IT Solutions is a trusted provider of electronics recycling in Phoenix, Arizona. We serve both residential and business clients, offering comprehensive services to recycle and/or destroy computers and other electronics.

Our industry certifications ensure our strict compliance with all legal and environmental policies regarding electronics recycling. eGreen-IT Solutions’ status as a Certified e-Stewards Recycler distinguishes us as one of a select group of companies who operate in conformity with the world’s highest principles of environmental stewardship, social responsibility and international law.

We recycle all of your computer and electronic components by first using our data destruction software where needed, and then disassembling parts and grouping materials. We then follow strict federal policies to make sure materials are recycled in the safest and most socially responsible manner.

Residential Electronics Recycling in Phoenix, Arizona

Whether you are moving, downsizing or upgrading your technology, there are many reasons to recycle your electronics when you can no longer put them to good use. If you have concerns about data stored on your computers or cell phones, eGreen-IT Solutions can provide you with the highest level of data destruction services as a part of our recycling process.

We also handle environmentally responsible removal and destruction of hazardous materials such as batteries, soldered circuit boards, cathode ray tubes and mercury-wetted switches.

Even items such as videotapes, CDs, DVDs, and X-Rays should be destroyed and recycled properly.

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Commercial Electronics Recycling in Phoenix, Arizona

eGreen-IT Solutions offers a variety of electronics recycling options for businesses. We are meticulous in our carefully developed processes, which are supported by auditing, tracking and reporting.

Our computer and electronics recycling services are delivered through strict compliance with “Zero Landfill and “Zero Export of Hazardous Waste” policies. Data security is ensured through our Department of Defense (DOD) certified overwrite processes and physical destruction performed in compliance with DOD standards. This ensures clients that no confidential information breaches or transfer of license software can occur.

We track all equipment throughout the electronics recycling process, recording serial number, asset tag and model number identification details for all services performed. At the final destination, any recycled assets are noted and certificates of destruction, recycling, and legal indemnification statements are attached to the final report.

Trust eGreen-IT Solutions to provide certified electronics recycling services for your business. Contact us today for more information.